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Beer From the Back Country Brewery

The Beer at Backcountry is born out of over 30 combined years of brewing experience. We have been recognized six times by the prestigious Great American Beer Festival. GABF is widely regarded as the most important beer event of the year; a GABF medal is recognized world-wide as a symbol of brewing excellence. We have also won numerous awards at the Colorado State Fair, an international competition

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1998 GABF** National Competition – Bronze Medal May Bock
2000 GABF** National Competition – Gold Medal Telemark IPA
2004 GABF** National Competition – Silver  Medal Ptarmigan Pilsner
2005 GABF** National Competition – Gold Medal Colorado Trail Ale
2009 GABF** National Competition – Silver Medal May Bock
2011 GABF** National Competition – Silver Medal Saison
2011 Colorado State International Competition – Silver Medal Switchback Amber
Silver Medal Imperial Saison
2012 Colorado State International Competition – India Black Ale; Silver Medal, Amber; Silver Medal, Pale Ale; Silver Medal, Porter; Silver Medal, Pilsner; Bronze Medal, Imperial Saison; Silver Medal
2013 Colorado State International Competition – Amber; Bronze Medal, Pilsner; Bronze Medal
2014 North American Brewers Association – Beard Envy Rye Brown; Silver Medal


Formerly known as “Wheeler Wheat,” it is a light and refreshing beer to quench your thirst after a hard day of adventure seeking. An American-style wheat beer with just a hint of orange peel and coriander. Enjoy it with a slice of fruit if you like, just don’t let the brewmaster see you!

Original Gravity: 11.5° plato / Alcohol by volume: 4.6% / Bitterness: 18 IBU’s / SRM: 3.5


2004 Silver Medal Winner G.A.B.F.**

Formerly “Ptarmigan Pilsner,” it is a GABF Silver Medal Winner. A traditional European Style Pilsner with a light hop aroma, smooth malt flavor and a distinctively clean finish.

Original Gravity: 11.5° plato / Alcohol by volume: 4.7% / Bitterness: 42 IBU’s / SRM: 3.1

Pale Ale

2000 Gold Medal Winner G.A.B.F.**

Formerly known as Telemark IPA. Our GABF Gold Medal Winner has a very characteristic copper color from a blend of lightly kilned malts coupled with distinctive bitterness and flavor from Washington state‘s finest hops. This brew is a true Representation of a British Classic! We’ve changed the classification from an IPA to a Pale Ale because of the evolving hop profiles. When this recipe was origianlly created in 1996, it was an IPA, but now fits better in the Pale Ale category. The name has changed, but it is still the same great beer.

Original Gravity: 14° plato / Alcohol by volume: 5.6% / Bitterness: 60 IBU’s / SRM: 10.8


2011-12 Silver Medal Colorado State Fair, 2013 Bronze Medal Colorado State Fair

Formerly known as “Switchback Amber,” it is reminiscent of a German Oktoberfest-Style brew with a deep copper color, smooth malty flavor and pleasantly noble hop aroma and bitterness from German hops. Prost!

Original Gravity: 13.5° plato / Alcohol by volume: 5.38% / Bitterness: 28 IBU’s / SRM: 16


2012 Silver Medal Colorado State Fair

Formerly known as “Peak One Porter,” it is a complex recipe utilizing 6 Malts, and 2 varieties of hops to create a dark, creamy and most importantly, balanced flavored “Robust Porter”. A local favorite!

Original Gravity: 14.5° plato / Alcohol by volume: 6% / Bitterness: 35 IBU’s / SRM: 71

Seasonal Brews On Tap

Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisses are light, slightly sour German style wheat ales. When Napoleon’s troops occupied Germany, they called them “Champagne of The North,” but some Germans call them the workers’ sparkling wine. This beer is the perfect refresher for a warm summer day.

We used 50% wheat and 50% barley to make this beer. The sourness comes from a partial fermentation with lactobacillus bacteria. We then finish fermentation with our house ale yeast. You can expect a lemony aroma and tartness from this beer and a touch of wheatiness in the background. It truly is sparkling lemonade. It is unfiltered, so it will be slightly cloudy.

Alcohol by volume: 3.9% / Bitterness: 7 IBU’s / SRM: 4


This is a strong German Lager; deep amber to light brown in color with ruby highlights. Our Dopplebock is a malt-forward beer that is smooth and deceptively strong. Expect bready and nutty flavors with a hint of raisins in the background. The sweetness is nicely balanced by German Noble hops that provide a touch of spice.

Alcohol by volume: 7.5 % / SRM: 30 / Bitterness: 35 IBUs


Dubbel’s are rich malty beers that are traditionally brewed by Monks to provide revenue for their Monasteries. Today, these breweries are called Trappist breweries and there are only 7 in the world that are allowed to label their beer as such.

We used the beers from these Monasteries as inspiration for our Dubbel. In fact, we borrowed a yeast strain from one of them. You can expect notes of cherry, raisin, and plum (from the malted barley) and those flavors are nicely balanced by a unique spiciness from the yeast.

 We like to think the Monks would be proud. Proost, Sante, Prost! Alcohol by volume: 7.3% / Bitterness: 22 IBU’s / SRM: 22

Breakfast Stout

Breakfast Stout is a milk stout (we put lactose in the boil) in which we put locally roasted Guatemalan and Costa Rican coffees. The coffee is roasted at Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters on Main Street.The beer is full bodies and has a milky and caramel sweetness followed by a mild roast from roasted barley and the coffee.

Original Gravity: 13.7° plato / Alcohol by volume: 4.4% / Bitterness: 30 IBU’s / SRM: 10

Double I.P.A.

We use generous late-addition hops along with a carefully crafted malt bill to create this Double IPA that is nicely balanced. Expect big notes of Citrus, Mango, Peach, and Grapefruit; all these flavors and aromas come from the hops. This beer is unfiltered, so it will be a little cloudy at first. It should clear up with time.

Alcohol by volume: 8.5% / Bitterness: 85 IBU’s

** GABF is the Great American Beer Festival. It is the largest beer judging and tasting of its kind in the world.