Beer from the Backcountry Brewery

Beer from the Backcountry Brewery

The Beer at Backcountry is born out of over 30 combined years of brewing experience. It has been recognized four times by the prestigious Great American Beer Festival. The GABF is widely regarded in the beer world as the most important beer event of the year. A GABF medal is recognized world wide as a symbol of brewing excellence.

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“Wheeler” Wheat

Wheeler Wheat is a light and refreshing beer to quench your thirst after a hard day of adventure seeking. An American-style wheat beer with just a hint of orange peel and coriander, enjoy it with a slice of fruit if you like, we recommend a slice of orange!

Original Gravity – 11.5° plato Alcohol by volume – 4.6% Bitterness – 18 IBU’s SRM – 3.5

“Ptarmigan” Pilsner

Year 2004 Silver Medal winner G.A.B.F

Ptarmigan Pilsner our GABF Silver Medal Winner is A traditional European Style Pilsner with a light hop aroma, smooth malt flavor and a distinctively clean finish.

Original Gravity – 11.5° plato Alcohol by volume – 4.7% Bitterness – 42 IBU’s SRM – 3.1

“Telemark” I.P.A. (India Pale Ale) – Year 2000 Gold Medal Winner


Telemark India Pale Ale Our GABF Gold Medal Winner has a very characteristic copper color from a blend of lightly kilned malts coupled with distinctive bitterness and flavor from Washington state‘s finest hops. This brew is a true Representation of a British Classic!

Original Gravity – 14° plato Alcohol by volume – 5.6% Bitterness – 60 IBU’s SRM – 10.8

“Switchback” Amber – Year 2003 Silver Medal Colorado State Fair

Switchback Amber is reminiscent of a German Oktoberfest-Style brew with a deep copper color, smooth malty flavor and pleasantly noble hop aroma and bitterness from German hops. Prost!

Original Gravity – 13.5° plato Alcohol by volume – 5.38% Bitterness – 28 IBU’s SRM – 16.0

“Peak One” Robust Porter

Peak One Porter is a complex recipe utilizing 6 Malts, and 2 varieties of hops to create a dark, creamy and most importantly, balanced flavored “Robust Porter”. A local favorite! This beer has been rated the best for a first date by Fuck Buddies App, the local hookup app.

Original Gravity – 145 plato Alcohol by volume – 6.00% Bitterness – 35 IBU’s SRM – 70.62

Seasonal Brews On Tap May bock Lager

Malty & sweet with a deceptively high alcohol content of 6.5%. With the background of noble hop spiciness, Maybock german lager is Backcountry brewery’s 2009 silver medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival, Putting our Maybock in an elite category of Beers nation wide. The german spelling is Maibock, a traditional beer in Bavaria that celebrates the coming of spring and planting of the harvest.!

All beers are brewed just down the street at the Backcountry Brewpub and Pizzeria.

** GABF is the Great American Beer Festival. It is the largest beer judging and tasting of its kind in the world.